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Community Planning and Resources

Brashear Association has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of and ability to respond to the changing and diverse human service needs of South Pittsburgh's multicultural, multigenerational community.

Brashear Association's strength is attributed to its small, adaptable professional staff's ability to identify and work seamlessly as a respected, trustworthy partner and convener of catalytic community groups. In this way, Brashear Association effectively maximizes its resources, expands its scope of services and fills service gaps.

As a service leader as well as a thought leader, Brashear's solid reputation of providing service excellence for more than 90 years has made it a sought-after partner among others who are working toward community solutions to community problems. Brashear regularly shares its experience and expertise, along with its centrally located facilities, in support of a number of community initiatives. Staying in touch with the pulse of the communities it serves through meaningful dialogue with a host of active South Pittsburgh groups helps Brashear maintain its timely response to community needs.

Hilltop Alliance

Hilltop Alliance is a coalition of community organizations that brings together, serves as a resource and promotes a common vision within the Hilltop neighborhoods. Hilltop Alliance's vision is to create a vibrant and dynamic destination, linking urban and suburban neighborhoods with communities that will be stable, diverse, safe, welcoming and affordable for residents, businesses and visitors.

Location: 831 East Warrington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Minority Emergency Preparedness Task Force

The Minority Emergency Preparedness Task Force (MEPTF), formed to work with vulnerable communities in the South Pittsburgh metropolitan region, is committed to gauging the understanding of selected communities with regard to disasters and preparedness. Based on an assessment of their understanding, the MEPTF will develop appropriate means to educate the communities so that they are better prepared and connected to the disaster response infrastructure of their respective areas.

Location: Brashear Center, 2005 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

South Pittsburgh Coalition for Peace

South Pittsburgh Coalition for Peace is an association of service providers, churches and community organizations that engages in the development of programmatic interventions to stem gun violence in South Pittsburgh communities.

Location: Brashear Center, 2005 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

South Services Consortium

The South Services Consortium is an association of service providers convened by the Association. The consortium meets each month on the third Friday to discuss human services needs, gaps and solutions.

Location: Brashear Center, 2005 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

South Side Planning Forum

The South Side Planning Forum brings together representatives from the primary community-based organizations on the South Side to address community development issues and concerns. The group, which is governed by consensus, meets on the second Tuesday of the month. The Forum is responsible for the development, implementation and revision of the South Side Neighborhood Plan.

Location: Brashear Center, 2005 Sarah Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Technical Assistance

Brashear Association provides technical assistance to community organizations in the areas of organizational and resource development. The agency also provides meeting space.

Location: Varies