Ann, age 74 and a Knoxville resident, was a volunteer at the Arlington food pantry site when she discovered she and many of her friends qualified for food assistance.   She especially appreciates the produce.  “There is a wide variety of bread, fresh vegetables and fruit – and occasionally meat,” Ann says.  “Everything is well organized and everyone is friendly and helpful.” Because she has a car, Ann helps friends get their food home.  She is grateful for what she receives and wants to help others.  She even loaned her pull cart to a mom with four children! (And got it back, she adds!) At the food pantry she also learned about utility and other assistance – and, of course, let others know. Ann is a great ambassador and role model.

“The Brashear Association has become a focal point within the South Pittsburgh communities.  Through longstanding relationships the Brashear Association has with individuals and neighborhoods, they have earned the respect of the people.  They  have exhibited their ability to change, facilitate, welcome, assist, support, lead, plan, house, educate and respect the individual and their neighborhoods while encouraging their development.”

PA Senator Jay Costa (D-Allegheny)